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Sarawood Assisted Living Amenities

Sarawood Assisted Living offers residents a variety of amenities to enjoy. At Sarawood Assisted Living, safety and security come first, which is why we have a direct fire alarm connection to the Holyoke Fire Department and state-of-the-art smoke detectors in every room.

Our caring assisted living staff also provides around-the-clock assistance for whenever you may need a helping hand.


Restored Elegance

Experience Assisted Living at Sarawood

Sarawood Assisted Living provides a wide selection of accommodations and assisted living amenities for residents and visiting family members. We serve three healthy meals a day and provide laundry and linen service for our assisted living residents. Our assisted living facility houses numerous rooms for those requiring assisted living services in Western MA. Sarawood Assisted Living residents enjoy the following rooms and amenities:

  • A spacious living room with a large TV
  • Foyer/sitting room
  • Formal dining room
  • Activity areas
  • Private bedrooms
  • Gardens
  • Our facility has 100% generator backup coverage in case of storms or power outages. All lighting, electricity, heat, and kitchen appliances are available anytime in any weather


A Place to Entertain

An Assisted Living Facility in The Pioneer Valley

The Sarawood Assisted Living facility is located in the Pioneer Valley region of Western Massachusetts. Assisted living residents can visit nearby museums, restaurants, shopping areas and more with ease. Shopping trips are provided and other necessary transportation can be arranged.

Sarawood Assisted Living strives to provide our assisted living residents with the highest quality of life. For more information on our amenities and facility, please call 413.532.7879.

Is Sarawood The Answer?

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What our Guests Say

"Attentive, courteous, and caring. The staff at Serawood is like family."

- Sarah, NH

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